Advanced Desktop, Cordless, and Conference Devices

Tuffy Communications leverages a dynamic business phone experience that supports using each user’s device of choice, delivering the ability to manage your communications over multiple devices for optimal efficiency with deep integration into our device portfolio for ease of management and use.

Pair the capability of your preferred mobile device(s) with a rich iOS or Android client wireless experience to manage your business communications. The platform enables users’ business phone number on their personal devices for inbound and outbound communications to ensure privacy and to manage the company’s external image.

Choose from an award-winning portfolio of desk, cordless, and conference phones to facilitate a traditional desk phone experience with HD quality audio and ergonomic, aesthetic design for all user types. Choose devices with built-in Wi-Fi for quick network connection for use in the remote office or home office, as well as devices with advanced attendant consoles and executive desktop options. Features like Hot Desking provide the ability to log in on any device to access your communications wherever you choose to work. And manage your communications from your desktop phone with built-in tools for simple and effective communications.

What can Tuffy do for you?

Elevate your business with award-winning cloud communications
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